By Kristy Hill

Last weekend Carmelo Anthony partnered with ProCamps to hold his 2nd Annual Youth Basketball Pro Camp in New York. The camp was a huge success and brought a lot of excitement to the children, parents, coaches and staff. Participating in the camp is just as exciting to Melo as it was for everyone else. When Carmelo was a child he didn’t get a chance to experience going to a basketball camp or even meeting a professional NBA superstar so he is always ecstatic to have a camp of his own.

“I like to be in an intimate stage with my campers,” Anthony said. “Show some humor with them, show some personality with them. This is a moment that they would never forget. I wish I had this when I was young.” Melo played multiple games of Knockout with the campers and the coaches. He was very observant while watching the campers play in their championship game “you guys are very passionate. I like how I see a lot of team work; when your teammate fell, you helped him get back up and said keep pushing”.

photo 2Melo also spoke to the young campers and gave them words of encouragement “Stay in school. I only stayed one year in college but as a professional basketball player I wish I could have stayed longer. It is very important to stay in school”.

All of the campers who attended had a great experience. They received Melo t-shirts, signed team photos, got to interact with Melo and learned a lot of different fundamentals of the game of basketball.

Carmelo Inspired more than 650 registered children from grades 1-12. Here is what some of them had to say:

“I enjoyed the basketball drills and the movement from station to station” – Nyson Quinitchett, 11 years old from Elmira, NY

“Camp Melo was so much fun. I learned a lot and can’t wait for next year” - Jaden Ramirez, 7 years old from Bronx, NY

“Camp Melo was a great experience for all the kids, coaches, and parents in attendance. The kids learned from some of the best coaches in the tri-state. This camp provided a great environment for kids to participate in competitive drills and games while their parents and Carmelo watched. Everyone was able to interact with Carmelo and take home awards, gear, gifts, autographs and pictures.” – Coach Devon Young, 24 years old from Brunswick, New Jersey

“I had an awesome time, I was upset that I lost my championship game but will never ever forget playing my Idol In a game of Knockout. This camp boosted my confidence” – Jaydin Sanchez, 7 years old from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.