For Anthony Skipper, La La and Carmelo’s friendship has made all the difference

La La and Carmelo Anthony have become a huge part of Anthony Skipper's battle with a brain injury.

By Ian Begley


If he could speak right now, 11-year-old Anthony Skipper might tell you about the birthday party La La Anthony and her husband, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, threw for him last year. Maybe he’d talk about the presents that the Anthonys gave to Skipper and his siblings for Christmas.

Unfortunately, due to a brain injury that has left Skipper without speech, he can’t. But the affection he feels toward La La and Carmelo still shines through.

His mother, Tyrell Young, sees it each time her son hears La La’s voice on the phone. Often, Carmelo’s on the call in the background.

“He looks around, and he’s trying to find and pinpoint the phone and where the voice is coming from,” Young says. “His eyes definitely light up. Sometimes his heart rate goes up a little bit. You can tell he’s very excited to see them and hear their voice. He perks up.”

Those signs of emotion and awareness are precious for Skipper and his family.

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