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Nostalgia is in! This is clearly seen at Story (link: http://thisisstory.com/) – an awesome story in New York City’s Chelsea area that is set up like a magazine. What do I mean? Every month the store is completely redesigned around a central theme. This theme dictates everything from what’s on display and what’s on sale to what activates customers can participate in


This month’s theme is “Remember When” and let me tell you, it’s like stepping into a time machine and going back to your childhood if you’re a 90s kid like me. Story teamed up with Nickelodeon in celebration of Nickelodeon’s 25th Birthday to create this month’s story.

The store begs the question – What if you could go back?

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The experience is centered around five distinctive sections of the store – Homeroom, Besties, Double Dare, City Kids, and Yearbookers.


Upon entering the store, you’re hit with a blast of reminiscence as you look at the rows of middle-school desks on a colorful carpet in the Homeroom section. On the desks, you have all your essential 90s school gear including snap bracelets.

Moving further into the store you’ll come across the Double Dare section. Let’s face it, who didn’t dream of competing on Double Dare as a kid? Now’s your chance. Test your skills on the giant hamster wheel or snap a picture in front of the Double Dare podium.

If Slime Time Live was more your show, check out the photo booth where you can create a video of yourself getting slimed to share with your friends. It also makes a great Boomerang to share on Instagram. You even get your own polaroid-est shot of the moment.



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What would Nickelodeon be without it’s dynamic duos? This brings us to the Besties section. Pick up matching keychains for you and your bestie. While looking at gear honoring Nick’s greatest teams including The Rugrats, Catdog, Ren and Stimpy, pick up a DIY book on creating your own friendship bracelets.




The City Kids section features Hey Arnold!-inspired pieces like pillows for those of you who personally identified with Arnold or loved playing basketball in the street as a kid.