Stories of individuals and groups affecting positive change in our communities

THIS IS | Miles Mosley

In this episode, we meet Miles Mosley. Mosley is a singer-songwriter whose life was changed the moment he played an upright bass.

THIS IS | Rodney Lucas

Rodney Lucas is a storyteller from the South Side of Chicago. Through music, art, and film, Lucas aims to change the narrative of the South Side.

Artists Explore a New Canvas: Tennis Courts

While the hairstyles and fashion trends of tennis players have dramatically evolved over the years, the courts themselves have mostly stayed the same. For over a century, they have been monochrome, with clean white lines delineating precisely measured boxes; the uniformity of each court is essential to facilitating the creativity that happens on it. But this year, a few […]

This Is | Guy Okazaki

How A Solange Quote Inspired An All-Women Art Exhibit

Lexx Valdez meditated on an empowering Solange Knowles quote as she and her co-curator Erin Yoshi planned a 10-week social- and ecology justice-themed exhibit to feature the work of 100 women artists from around the world.

“The team’s actually quite sick, you know”: Kids announce England World Cup squad

The 23 players making up England’s World Cup squad are announced by the nation’s youth.

Analysis: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf scores another first: Wins Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership 2017.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who until last month, was the first and only elected female Head of State in Africa, has once again scored another first becoming the first female awardee of the much-talked about Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership for the year 2017.