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Still Life Studio: Fine art photographs by Petrina Hicks inspired by ancient Roman sculpture

In Still Life Studio, celebrated Australian artist Petrina Hicks continues to take inspiration from mythology and art history, this time featuring models with luminous skin posing with various props in a style inspired by ancient Roman sculptures.

How This DJ Went from Clubs in Hollywood to the NFL’s Turkey Bowl Halftime Show

On Thanksgiving Day, while multiplatinum recording artist Jason Derulo hit the field for the NFL Turkey Bowl halftime show between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings, Jae Murphy simultaneously hit the turntables in preparation for the pop singer’s big debut.

This Is | Peter Rabbit

Bootsy Collins Keeps It Real On ‘World Wide Funk,’ Trump & Faith

Bootsy Collins is a firm believer in the creator, or as he likes to say, the one. His faith, paired with drive and patience have kept him sane in an ever changing world.

Meet Ben Platt, Broadway Breakout Star of Dear Evan Hansen

He’s been ready for it almost since the day he was born.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. D.R.A.M.

The Virginia rapper/singer discusses his post-"Broccoli" fame, working with Erykah Badu, and how he came up with the best album cover of the year.

An Overview of Kanye West’s Tour Stage Designs

12 years of unparalleled innovation.