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Camp Melo

“I like to be in an intimate stage with my campers. Show some humor with them, show some personality with them. This is a moment that they would never forget. I wish I had this when I was young.” -Anthony

Draft Day Flashback

The 2003 NBA Draft featured one of the most highly anticipated group of new players in history. There were several young stars set to enter the league. Carmelo Anthony was one of them.

Video: Red Hook Court Dedication

Carmelo Anthony's passion is giving back to his community. This is one of many courts Carmelo has donated, but the first in his home town of Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. This was an especially meaning full day for Melo.

New Photos

Carmelo sat down with the NBA last Friday for interviews. Check out all of Carmelo's photos from this past week here.

Video: Hangout Highlights

Carmelo sits down with contributors and fans to talk about his new initiative, the post season and all of your other questions!