Get to know the real Carmelo Anthony—beyond the game of basketball

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Formerly known as Blimes Brixton, this MC has taken control of every aspect of her career—and, she's better for it.

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Learn more about the meaning and mission of Thinkspace in this Melo series on art and creativity.

What Carmelo Anthony Learned About His Puerto Rican Grandfather Will Make You Cry

Anthony’s mother is Black and his father is Puerto Rican, but he didn’t know anything about his father’s (Carmelo Iriarte) Puerto Rican roots because he passed away from cancer when the OKC baller was just two-years-old. Read more on

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Carmelo Anthony Described How Art Inspires Him For Fashion and Sports

Anthony, 33, explained how he brings the art world, including his own art collection, into his personal fashion as well as his performance on the court (via Gotham):

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Delicious Pizza is a hip-hop pizza shop founded in 2015 by father-son duo Fred and Travis Sutherland and Delicious Vinyl founder Mike Ross and brother Rick Ross.

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Paul and Jude Huber of Kauai Sugarloaf Pineapple believe that the pineapple is a true celebrity.