Carmelo Anthony – DO:MORE – Degree Men

Go 13 rounds with Carmelo Anthony, as he discusses how boxing makes him DO:MORE on and off the basketball court.

  • Shawn

    Hey Melo,

    This video segment has nothing to do with Lebron James, but before I comment regarding you, I would like to go a few years back when Lebron had a tough decision to make as the world stood watch and connecting that decision to when you left Denver. Life presents with varying degrees of obstacles, and going 1 round let alone 13, can be a challenge. There was so much speculation when Lebron left Cleveland and when you left Denver, it seems as though everyone had an opinion and some were not good. It’s pretty gutsy to leave what’s been familiar behind.

    However, when I see the change in Lebron, his game, maturity, and determination, I have a different outlook on decisions that will no doubt make others around you unhappy. When I see the elevation of your game, the relentlessness, sheer will, ball sharing, and defensiveness, I have asked myself, the changes you had to make for your future, and the change Lebron made for his, how can it apply to everyday people, like me, who are not famous, people who try and catch a basketball game to decompress, what could the lives of superstars teach me, what can it teach the poor, the unemployed, or the lost?

    When you were leaving Denver, again, people had both positive and negative comments, but ultimately both you and Lebron had to do what would work best for your own soul’s, your families, wives and children, and keeping in mind your past teams while embracing your new teams. The same with Ray Allen leaving Boston. What are the real lessons of basketball? Is it just 48 minutes of watching the most popular ballers get busy, is much more?

    It’s much more than that, there are kids or teens on a court somewhere, of all races, ages, and cultures, with varying degrees of goals and aspirations, playing with childlike passion. There are not so good players, on a court somewhere trying to improve his/her game. There are vets of the game, playing to remember, the good old days, and then there are those in the league, the superstars, the great ones that may not always make sportscenter, the much improved, the up and comers, and the newbies.

    Where ever the player stands or sits, basketball teaches everyday people about sticking with what you’re good at, practicing everyday, recognizing your strengths, and weaknesses, improving where you fall short, and then playing your heart out.
    You make us proud Bill Russell, Melo, Lebron, Kyrie, Tyson, JR, the Kidd, Raymond Shelton, Steph Curry, James Harden, Shaq, the Jet, CWebb, and of course Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Damian Lillard, Derrick Rose, Zebo, and Kobe, the entire league. Fans see your passion, even women ballers whom are often forgotten.

    In each you, we can find the courage to discover our own gifts, but most of all, the game is 48 minutes of ups, and downs, highs and lows. As fans, we have no clue what all of you go through before, during and after the game. Yet, there is one thing fans can be certain of, all players on all teams, come out and play the game, no matter what, life like sports, moves forward. In this way, the game mimics life, doing what it takes, but whatever you do, play your heart out, and live life to the fullest extent. Tough decisions will come and go, but champions, no matter the sport, journey on by any means necessary. Melo, you are a degree man, you cannot be tempered, your game sets the temperature, and Lebron has shown that he can take the heat, the game of all basketball players cannot be predicted like the weather. Its a mighty thing to see players evolve, and if you’re a real fan, you appreciate the greatness of every player, even those on the bench.


    melo i wish i were your son im only 12 and i go to birney middle school southfield michigan my name is casselawn williams

  • Verbalz DaGreat

    Melo this is my dedicatiin song to you Mr. Clutch Melo – I’m Clutch by Verbalz DaGreat via #soundcloud

  • mike

    go carmelo anthony in the will beat okc

  • mike

    go knicks

  • Amoz Lewi

    Melo you are my inspiration on and off the court i play basketball and i also do boxing with my father